Package org.znerd.math

JUMP Ultimate Math Package 0.5-dev.


Interface Summary
RoundingModes Set of standard rounding modes.

Class Summary
AbstractCompositeNumber Abstract base class for CompositeNumber implementations.
BasicDigitSet Basic implementation of a DigitSet.
BasicRationalNumber Basic implementation of a rational number.
BigIntegerNumber Basic implementation of an integer number.
CompositeNumber A composite real number.
DigitSet A set of digits, having a radix and an exponent.
IntegerNumber An immutable integer number.
NumberCentral A static factory that produces RealNumber objects.
Power A power, consisting of a base and an exponent.
Product A product of two real numbers.
RationalNumber Rational number.
RealNumber An immutable real number.
RoundingMode Rounding mode.
SmallIntegerNumber Implementation of an IntegerNumber based on a int value.
Sum A sum of two real numbers.

Exception Summary
CanNotCompareException Exception thrown to indicate a compare operation failed.

Package org.znerd.math Description

JUMP Ultimate Math Package 0.5-dev.

This is an extensible high-precision math package. It primarily consists of a base class for a range of number class implementations, RealNumber. Instances are typically obtained using the NumberCentral class.

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